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Screen Printing in Electronics Industry website is providing the technical knowledge of screen printing in electronics industry, such as the information of supplies(materials) , patterning design , equipment(machine) , rheology of ink , printability , and process.

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Screen printing process is used in electronics industry and is applied to printed circuit boards , surface mount technology , flat panel displays like plasma display panel , electronic components for many years.

But the business field of screen printing is not organized and no one can overview the field , because the field is made with many kinds of companies such as ink manufacturers , fabrics manufacturers , mask supliers , printer manufacturers , and because they are independent companies.

Although screen printing has been used for many years , there is not scientific elucidation or a theory.
Although each company has fragmentary knowledge , there are not integrated documents or information.

So , author will integrate the knowledge of screen printing technology on this website and will like to contribute to WWW by it.

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